Guitars & Pickups

"Fluff" Signature pickups


"The Beard Comber Series"


Hand-wound with Modern High Gain.  Mid and high transparent clarity.  Fast response and balanced tones for low tunings.


Built with Alnico 5 magnets, 4 conductor wiring for series, split or parallel options. Hand-wound with AWG 43 Enamel copper wire and wax potted.



  • Beard Comber Original 6 & 7 String
  • Red & Black Attack
  • Unshaven & Unshaven Patina
  • Neck Breaker
  • Old Imperials
  • Cobra Ignitor


Fastbacks "classic" tone pickups


"Hand-Wound with Vinatge Specs"


Built with American made parts. Designs based on vintage specifications with customizations available.


Hand-wound  and wax potted. Built to order.



  • Fastback '52s
  • Chicago '57s
  • Zebra '59s
  • Kuhuna Classics
  • Rebel P-90 Soap Bars